Some Recent Reviews

LIKE CHRISTMAS MORNING! That is how I felt when I saw my very first demo. Implementation and use of the tool has reinforced that initial feeling. I run Sales Ops and Quoting. This tool provided the single biggest productivity improvement we’ve seen for understanding and reacting to opportunities and quotes in our system.
Marty Nicodemus Flextronics
We are using OpDots for multiple teams that each have various processes with different priorities and timelines. We could not manage our business effectively without OpDots!
Becca Allen Aetna
A GREAT TOOL! A single screen gives visualization of what happened/happening/going to happen at real-time. It really helped improving the efficiency of sales operations and accuracy of the data.
Shanawaz Kareem Flextronics
Before OpDots, I couldn’t easily prioritize my tickets. I would need to spend at least half and hour opening each ticket to see whether or not action was required. With OpDots, I can see at a glance which tickets need action.
Rob Wong
LOVING MY “LUCKY CHARMS”! I am currently running a demo where I can visually interpret, communicate, and share information via OpDots infinitely more rapidly! This is my new fun work toy!
Brian D. Scott Dell
When I was introduced to OpDots I was shocked of how easy it was. Rather looking at a lot of numbers in our ticketing system I now see a graphical representation of my tickets. In just a few seconds I can now see all the information I need. It helps me work more efficient.
Joergen Wasserfall
OpDots provides a clear way to see lead types and recent activity on those leads. We’re able to track every lead and how much attention that lead gets all the way through to conversion. Fantastic visual tool for managing a large team handling 1000s of leads.
Jeremy Wycherly LifeSize
Ten seconds after the Opdots team showed us the preliminary proof of concept using our live data, I reaped value from the system. I was able to quickly identify areas of concern and was able to relay the hot spots to my team for immediate action.
Iain Gordon RL Solutions
This tool gives me the ability to look at my ticket queue in a completely new perspective. The minimalist interface is easy on the eyes, very intuitive, and makes it easy to prioritize my work. The seamless integration with our ticketing system is one of the main reasons why I use this product on a daily basis.
Tom Gruszka RL Solutions
GREAT FOR MANAGING CASES, OPS AND LEADS. This tool has really helped us manage cases. It gives users a good overview of their open cases and allows them to prioritize those that are more critical than others. It’s also great for managers who want to keep a pulse on how quickly cases are being resolved. Huge value add for those who are having trouble prioritizing their tasks in list views.
Raymond Cabral Drawloop Technologies
A GREAT TOOL FOR MANAGING SERVICE CLOUD AND SALES CLOUD! The use of colors and shapes is a great way to visually bring items into focus. With our success in using OpDots for Case management, we have begun using it for Lead and Opportunity management as well.
Tracey Powell Drawloop Technologies
I went from having to prepare for a meeting with page after page of reports, to not even having to prepare. I can sit down for a meeting with OpDots and I’ve got everything I need in one screenshot. And that screenshot is interactive so we can work real time with live data.
Greg Llewellyn Planview
Productivity is greatly enhanced for both management and analysts, processing information quickly and efficiently. Crisp graphics enable analysts to instantly focus on the areas that need immediate attention, and KPI’s are built in, enabling management to deploy resources in the most effective manner. Accountability is elevated and team work is enhanced as OpDots reveals where attention is required, and the team , as a whole, can see the relief of that pressure as everyone jumps in to relieve it.
Chris Herring Sales Integration Analyst, Dell
As COO, I constantly seek efficient methods that contribute to and foster process improvements and better practices which therefore delight our Customers. Since our recent discovery of OpDots, we have been able to continue enhancing the value of our service. Because our team has better visibility, they can more quickly & effectively prioritize, update status, track and complete cases. They become responsible publicly which extends the level accountability to the team. OpDots has allowed for us to improve our data quality, minimize mistakes, and isolate issues quickly. The entire team is more productive as a result of our ardent commitment to the new process.
Nathan Brown COO/VP Operations, Advantix Solutions Group
Since implementing OpDots in January 2014, we have seen a significant reduction in open and aging tickets. Managers can also easily see workload across members of the support team, and use OpDots to help with workload balancing. And since staff can see each others views, they are able to recognize when a colleague needs assistance due to high ticket volumes. Critical information is available with one click, and we also have direct access into our support system for further details.
Sheryl Moran VP, RL Solutions