Is OpDots only available for users of Salesforce.com and Oracle Cloud?

Though OpDots is partnered with Salesforce.com and Oracle, the platform can be integrated with any CRM, ERP or teradata system (commercial or homegrown).

Does OpDots store or manipulate the data from our CRM or database system?

OpDots is a read-only app. Rewriting functionality is available but not activated by default.

Can OpDots integrate with multiple data sources?

Yes OpDots is designed to simultaneously integrate data from as many data systems you use.

We have a very large sales team. How do you present all of that data on a single screen?

The software provides multiple views of the data, separated and distributed into subcategories.

Who handles setup and what does it cost?

OpDots provides all integration and post services work required. This includes configuring the software to match your business process and creating custom views for different individual contributors. There are no hidden fees. Integration and customization is included in the standard license.

What is the setup process like?

It takes less than two days to setup OpDots within your environment. The process starts with a 1-hour screen-sharing session where you show us your business process and examples of the reports you generate. About 24 hours later, you receive a foundational screen that allows you to access your data within the OpDots experience.

What does OpDots cost?

Please contact us for pricing.

What type of Salesforce.com license is required?

OpDots works with Salesforce.com Enterprise and Unlimited editions.

Can OpDots create custom views and triggers?

Yes, the software is configured to your unique business requirements.

Does OpDots offer role-based views?

Yes, front-line employees, managers and executive level users see different presentations of the data.

Does OpDots work with SalesForce1?


During the trial period, do you work in a sandbox or live environment?

In order for you to understand the power and value of OpDots, it really needs to work inside a live environment, displaying real-time data.

Is OpDots designed for specific industries?

OpDots is a business process improvement application designed to work for businesses of all types.

Will OpDots work on my tablet and mobile phone?

Yes. In fact, OpDots was named Salesforce.com App of the Month in November of 2013.

Does OpDots support multi-screen display?


Does OpDots have a referral program?

OpDots customers earn price breaks when a business that they refer, becomes a new OpDots customer.