OpDots is a CRM add-on that
makes all teams better...instantly!

  • Reveal Hidden Data
  • Expose Bad Data
  • Embedded KPIs
  • Sales Analytics
  • Interactive Reports
  • Gamification
  • Supply Chain Alerts
More often than not, CRM pipeline data is incomplete, inaccurate, difficult to report on, and spread over many screens in the form of monotonous lists. OpDots changes that.
  • OpDots reveals hidden CRM data to show you what’s really happening with the deals in the pipeline.
  • OpDots exposes bad data to help you clean CRM and restore faith in the numbers.
  • OpDots provides on-demand reporting to reduce meeting prep and keep discussions fact-based and collaborative.
  • OpDots gives you crystal ball capability to help you identify trends and spot problems before they occur.
  • OpDots displays your opportunities in one comparative, interactive visual display — enabling you and your staff to see what’s most important and why…and what can wait.

Close Date Changes (Pushes), Close Date Last Slip Days, Close Date Slip Days Since Last Week, Close Date Total Slip Days, Top Product Code (by Revenue), All Product Families (list, by Revenue), Top Product Total Price, Top Product Percentage Total, Sales Team Members, Sales Team Member Role Name, Amount Change Since Last Week, Days Since Stage Last Modified, Days Since Last Activity, Days Until Next Activity, Activity Count By Owner.
  • Speed-up Record Access
  • Shorten Response Times
  • Increase SLA Awareness
  • Reduce Escalations
  • Eliminate Forgotten Tickets
  • Improve CRM Accuracy
  • Identify Team Standouts
Customer support agents often spend too much time sorting through page after page of tickets — making it impossible to act quickly.  OpDots changes that.
  • Work Smarter — Case information appears together in a visual display, dramatically reducing the need to sort, open and close CRM records.
  • Pattern Behavior — Identify which agents are working cases and which ones are not.
  • Predictive Behavior — Discover where the problems are — what cases haven’t been touched in days.
  • Customize your SLA — Always know if you’re within your SLAs or not.
  • Metrics & KPIs — Define and track the metrics that matter most.
  • Built-in Gameification — Improve the performance of individual agents and the entire team.
  • Popup Rollovers — Peek into records and tickets by simply rolling over a dot.
  • Increase Collaboration with Sales
  • Improve Large Order Fulfillment
  • Reduce At-risk Orders
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Interactive Reports
  • Large Order Alerts
OpDots increases collaboration and visibility between Sales and Supply Chain, leading to a dramatic reduction in delays and mistakes.
  • OpDots helps you SAVE BIG in parts order accuracy and shipment methodology by providing accurate, realtime pipeline visibility.
  • OpDots helps you collect quicker by delivering faster
  • OpDots shows Opportunities broken out by components
  • OpDots shows team distribution view by rep
  • OpDots shows quotes without stock
  • OpDots provides Supply Chain earlier visibility of large opportunities
  • Visual Lead Tracking
  • Embedded KPIs
  • Leads Analytics
  • Interactive Reports
  • Built-in Gamification
  • Alerts on Dropped and Neglected Leads
OpDots makes it easy to manage and track leads through the entire lead lifecycle.
  • OpDots enables you to assign and reassign leads via drag and drop interface.
  • OpDots displays leads in one comparative, interactive visual console — enabling you to spot the stage, status and age of hundreds or thousands of leads in a single glance.
  • OpDots reveals how leads are being managed — whether by an in-house or third-party sales team.
  • OpDots provides on-demand reporting to reduce meeting prep and keep marketing discussions fact-based and collaborative.
  • OpDots gives you crystal ball capability to help you identify trends and spot problems before they occur.

Turn Your CRM Experts into Data Heroes!

Simplifies Reporting, Increases Productivity, Increases Internal Customer Satisfaction
  • Adds hundreds of new, ready-to-use fields for your reports
  • Standard or custom objects without requiring admins or developers
  • Instantly upgrade existing reports by adding these new fields
  • Easily access rollup and historical data for all of your KPI’s
  • No special administrator access required
  • No developer needed
  • No IT project request, approval or wait time needed
Powerful & Relevant, Unrestricted, Maintainable
Includes everything for the Pipeline Analyst PLUS:
  • Adds 100s of additional pre-built fields that real business users request
  • Easy-to-define field macros capture your own org-specific field formulas for standard and custom objects
  • Eliminates expensive formula, rollup and Apex trigger-based custom fields
  • Powerful functions for custom fields (without affecting field count limit)
  • No code, no developers, no wait time, no long-term maintenance needed (OpDots maintains the fields)
  • Report-like configuration — Governance approval no longer needed
  • Easily access rollup and historical data for all of your KPIs
Powerful & Flexible, Increases Productivity
Includes everything for the Analyst and Administrator PLUS:
  • APEX-Level access to the OpDots Reporting Platform (your SOQL alternative).
  • Use any of our new pre-built or custom fields in VisualForce
  • Writing code is 10-100x faster — Replaces 100-1000’s of lines of custom APEX code